Freshly made, tasty, donuts!


Welcome to “Tommy Boy Mini Donuts” – Where Mini Donuts Come to Life!
Are you ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey of sweet, warm, and freshly made mini donuts? Step right up to our mobile donut haven, where every delicious bite is a delightful experience!
At Tommy Boy Mini Donuts, we take the art of donut-making to a whole new level. Our secret ingredient? Your anticipation! Watch in awe as our skilled donut artisans craft these mini marvels right before your eyes. The sweet aroma that fills the air is simply irresistible.
Each batch of mini donuts is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure each bite is a taste sensation. From classic cinnamon sugar to innovative creations like pumpkin spice sugar and apple cider sugar, our menu boasts a delightful array of options to satisfy every craving.
Whether you’re on a lunch break, out with friends, or planning an event that needs a unique and delectable treat, Tommy Boy Mini Donuts is here to make your day sweeter. Join us and let the magic happen before your very eyes – because at our food trailer, every donut is made fresh, just for you.


Every of our flavors are made in-house using fresh and local ingredients. You can absolutely taste the difference!

Our Locations

We’re mobile! Check our calendar page to find us or Contact Us to have us at your venue!